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Thread: Ball Valves

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    Mine will be about 4-5' deep. The pond is 7' at that end.

    I've never liked using knife valves on bottom drains no matter how deep they are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kntry View Post
    I've never liked using knife valves on bottom drains no matter how deep they are.
    I know that you have had bad experiences with knife valves, and I respect that.

    But you said; "The drains are going directly to the sieves. I want the valve in case I have to remove the sieve for some reason. There has to be a way to shut the bottom drains off before the sieves."

    I would have no problem using a knife valve in this situation (left open). I have a buried 4" knife valve used like that that has been in "service" since 1990. Eventually I will have to replace it because the PVC plastic is become brittle with age.

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