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Thread: Marudo Hi Showa - Comments?

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    Marudo Hi Showa - Comments?

    Marudo Hi Showa, approximately 15 1/2 inches, female. Unusual in that all four pectoral and ventral fins have a splash of hi with the sumi forming the motoguru. Probably a mark down show wise ( say it ain't so JR) but very unique and pleasing to look at. From the fall harvest and not purchased yet (until now). When comparing to the showas that were sold in with it, I could not believe it wasn't the first to go. Perhaps the hi in the fins did it in. Oh well, their loss, my gain. I think this one has a promising future. Just beautiful in the tub. What do you showa fans think?

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    The hi looks very good. The sumi pattern will be nice, I think. Would prefer more shiro on the face, but the pattern on the face is neat. Hope the sumi does not obliterate the white cheeks. I'm guessing the hi in the fins will recede some and be covered by sumi, so may not be noticeable in future. Sumi seems very thick, but I notice a lot is over red, which can play games with my eyes. I really like black on red, so I find the patterning very attractive. Like the wide shoulder. One question mark to me is the thickness of the peduncle area. Looks thinner than I'd prefer, but could be angle of the photo. Congrats on getting a deserving showa.

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