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Thread: help recvommending pump

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    Sansai tewa's Avatar
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    May 2004

    help recvommending pump

    Hi to all of you who are kind enough to give your opinion.
    I am looking for a pump or 2 smaller pumps to give between 11,000 to 12,440 gallons at a head height of 4-5 feet(over bakki showers in Australia). My pond will be using 4 inch pipes most of the way. I am looking for the most cost efficient and energy saving pumps that I can import in because in Australia we only have small range of pond pumps that are usually for smaller pumps. The pumps here are more for mining and agriculture where electricity is not a concern. There are literally no good high flo, low head pumps (0-18ft) that are very energy efficient. I have been looking on the web at several pumps but would like a hobbyist view.

    1) Dolphin pumps superamp master 7500 USA 1/3hp motor, 380watts (230v), 5827 UK gallons @ 4ft, 56 frame, emron motor, not self priming, with leaf basket ***edit out price**sale price)

    2) Dragon pumps 1/3hp, 437 watts, 5489 UK gallons @ 4ft, 56 frame, baldor motor, self priming up to 4 feet, large leaf basket (* edit US retail)

    3) Sequence primer 1/3hp, 376 watts, 4560 UK gallons @ 4ft, baldor motor, self priming with leaf basket (*edit US dollars)

    4) Wave 2 PUWV13 1/3 hp, 425.5 watts, 5320 UK gallons, baldor motor, not self priming, no leaf basket, (*edit USD)

    5) performance Pro artesian 1/3hp, 428 watts, 4772 UK gallons @ 13ft (minimum head), self priming up to 4 feet, with leaf basket, 570 usd

    please let me know what you think of these pumps.

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    I got a tsurumi in the side yard...10 amps and 10,000gph....great for very low head. I wonder if I'll ever use it...but i got it.

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    Utah, USA
    Aloha Tewa,
    I haven't personally used the Dolphin pumps or the Performance Pro, but have heard positive things about the Performance Pro pumps. I have used both the Sequence and W. Lim pumps ( Wave, and Dragon), and have found them both to be excellent pumps. I am currently using 1/4 and 1/3 hp. Wave 2 pumps and find they move a lot of water for low amp input, and the W. Lim Company have been great to work with if you have questions or need assistance. The Dragon series are self priming and have the basket built in to the housing, while the Wave pumps are simple to make self priming by attaching a priming pot. I use the Wave's with a priming pot simply because the are much cheaper ( and I'm very cheap!).
    Also the 1/3 hp with the TFEC motor only uses 396 [email protected] V(3.7 [email protected], or [email protected]
    I hope this helps,

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    seattle, wa
    I have experience with sequence and wave. as you already know they have baldor motors and I think that that is what makes them to have the good reputation they have. both very reliable and low electricity use. in my use they both operate within the head information the companies provide. check out the flows and see if it will meet your needs. a sequence
    1/4 horse is running mine (BS) right now.
    I think kenika had some good info they he has already provided!

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    Sansai sundan's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Lake Wales, FL
    Wave II 1/2 hp 8400 gph at 5.5 head pressure and to boot at 5 amps. Excellent pump, quiet, affordable, $429. I am using it on my bakki shower and spray bar is at 10 ft and I am still getting around 6300 gph. Wall pond is 4 ft and shower is 6 ft tall. As soon as I plug in elec to pump, spray bar was showing water at 10 ft with 2 inch pipe to fill, impressive. If you go higher in hp, gph drops and amps go up. Good choice, wave for life.

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