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    Hi All

    Having just spent the last 4 mornings reading the bakki tower report.(much to take in).Can it be used instead of the nexus and how does it compare in price to the nexus.

    I have a nexus that I must still install ,200 pump fed.Does anyone have practical knowlage on these systems.As I have limited space the 200 nexus is all that I will have.The pond is +- 16000 liters I will use a flow meter to get the correct liters when fill up.

    South Africa.


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    Since nobody is comfortable responding, I'll just share a few thoughts. First, Nexus is proven equipment in hobbyists' ponds. Bakki Showers are undergoing their first year of real use by hobbyists in outdoor ponds. Second, check out the Nexus operation/maintenance manual. You'll find it at several sites on the web. If your source does not have it posted, check Keirin Koi site.

    As a not mechanically astute individual (I sometimes remember how to use a can opener), I think it important that the person I'm buying from is convenient to communicate with and willing to help, whether by phone or otherwise. So, you might try asking for advice first. If not helpful before they have your money, I'd guess they'll be less helpful after they have it. But, then, I do not have high expectations, and thus am seldom disappointed and occasionally surprised by how good-hearted some people are.

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    Just in my own limited experience I would say ideally it is best to have a submerged media filter AND an aerobic up in the air filter of some kind. There seems to be different dominant beneficial biofilms in the two settings, just based on observation of water quality improvement. I suspect they potentiate each other. A shower or TT is not too expensive to rig up yourself.

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