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Thread: need helpn ORP meters

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    need helpn ORP meters

    To all who are knowledgeable of ORP meters
    In Malaysia a craze has been started regarding ORP and TDS meters. Several ponds have been measured via the use of a hanna meter and standardised solutions. The name of the solution is H17020 - a REDOX solution for platinum & gold electrodes - which will give a standard reading of 200 to 275mV. The lable listed the contents as: Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate (877-24-7) & Quinhydrone (106-34-3). It is a pre-mixed solution. The ORP meter was soaked into this solution and the reading is over 220mV, so is the reading at Hanna Industries's lab which shows a reading of 245mV.

    the ORP reading for the chlorinated tap water is 300mV whereas the filtered tap water reading is 100mV. test with potassium permanganate were also done an indicated the sharp rise in mv readings.

    Several ponds were measured and their readings were rather low across the board the highest being in a bakki showered pond with 500kg of bacteria house (I do not know the pond size) the reading was only 125mV. The pond is not overstocked at all.

    All the kois look great and some are jumbo size the water clarity is clear and no foam layer as an indication of DOCs. Water parameters are great and TDS value is about 75. Water is filtered by charcoal filters before entering the pond to remove chlorine

    Could anyone please suggest a reason as to why they may have such low readings. Would ORP readings be affected by temperature like TdS and the meter have to be calibrated to a certain reading at a certain temperature.
    Could more DOCs be dissolved in the water at higher temperature.

    The meter was calibrated by qualified science graduate who do products presentation. Your help would be much appreciated

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    Some probes and/or meters require a few hours of 'settling in' before they'll read accurately, even with calibration solutions.

    The calibration solutions I'm familiar with read 230 and 470. Chlorinated tap water should read over 500, in my experience. Mixing up a solution of 4 parts tap water plus 1 part bleach will read very high as well -- 600-700.

    Offhand it sounds like you've got a bad meter/probe.

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    hey jason
    a few people have said it is probably the meter and i have relayed this onto the actually owner and the people doing the testing thank you for your info

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