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Thread: Hot wire

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    Hot wire

    FYI guys. I noticed that the power cord near the electrical plug on one of my pumps seemed to be getting increasingly warm. When I plugged it back in the wire near the plug shorted with a pop and big flash of fire (really exiting!). I fixed it by cutting the cord back a few inches and putting on a new plug. Apparently over time when unplugging the electricity for filter cleaning I had stressed the stranded wires of the cord near the plug. So two things: 1.Unplug the electricity by pulling the plug not the cord and 2. If the wiring is heating up there is a problem (probably with or near the plug).

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    i put all my pumps on a light switch.
    that way i just flip a switch instead of plugging and un plugging
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    Quote Originally Posted by pskorf View Post
    i put all my pumps on a light switch.
    that way i just flip a switch instead of plugging and un plugging
    That is why we use switches. They are cheap, and they save everything that connects to the mains, from your cellphone charger to your pond pump.

    Switches turn and and off instantaneously, which prevents that momentary spark. That spark causes contacts to burn and over time the contacts become coated with carbon. It will restrict current flow, develop resistance, produce heat, and further restrict current over time. Eventually, your device will be stressed and will burn out. All for want of a reliable and low-cost switch. Sorry I called it cheap. It is quality for your current, but it costs very little. Now go to Ace Hardware and buy yourself a few!

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