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Thread: The Science of Freezing

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    The Science of Freezing

    Very interesting. How does a person survive hypothermia? How is the science of using extreme cold used in healing? The article mentions how people can be exposed to cold temperatures, forcing blood to go to the core away from the extremities, in this way making the blood exposed to higher oxygen levels in the core, and induce healing and recovery. I've actually done a lesser version of what was mentioned in the article, where I would get 15 minutes of exposure to sauna, and then dip myself for a minute in 15 degrees C. I would do this repeatedly for about 4 times each session. And I did this for a year, about 3x a week. It was a detox for me for heavy metals. I didn't test if my body heavy metals went down, but I gradually lost weight from 145 lbs to 127 lbs. That wasn't my intention, and I just don't know why I lost weight, but anyway I recovered it back slowly over a period of two years.

    Anyway, I'm sharing this article because I thought about koi and how going thru winter cold affects their development, and the benefits arising from it. We are told the winter helps develop coloration, but we don't know the mechanics of it.

    Then there is mention of frogs who load up on glucose prior to winter, and of glucose being a cryoprotectant for them. The frogs would freeze during winter only to emerge hopping and healthy come spring. I wonder if koi could benefit also from being fed some form of sugar prior to winter, whether that be in the form of glucose, sucrose, or fructose. Given that pellets are usually starch-based, and allowing for the possibility that koi could benefit from sugar in their diet, could feeding them some fruits be a good thing?

    How the New Science of Freezing Can Save Your Life | Outside Online

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    Are you saying that they saved Jack and we'll see a 'The Shining II'? Yes!!!!

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    That's a scary thought. Boo!

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