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Thread: Showa selection - please help.

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    Nisai quinton.jones@carat.com's Avatar
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    Showa selection - please help.

    Hi guys you be the koi judge. Please help me select the best Showa from my three homebreds. What do you think? Which one should I keep? Why?


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    Honmei ricshaw's Avatar
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    I am not an expert. It is my understanding that, with homebred Showas, it is all about body conformation and beni quality.
    I see body shape concerns and can't evaluate the beni quality.

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    I'm in agreement with ricshaw, the body's of all of these are short, paticularly in the back half of the koi. I also see some 'pigeon breast' conditions, where the chest is bulky and loaded toward the front. Like ricshaw, I am no expert, nor have I any breeding experience, but my limited understanding is that this might be attributed to nutrition at a particular stage of development.

    My answer on which to keep would depend on the purpose for keeping. As a breeder, you look long term and try to pull the qualities you want from one koi and try to pass those into future generations. If the intent is for personal enjoyment- well that's up to you. Personally, I couldn't live with the smaller two, as they have conformation issues that I couldn't over look every day. I think 'B' is the best candidate as koi to be proud of.

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    These are tosai stated to be 20cm (8"), but obviously they vary in length. I assume they were hatched in the SA Spring, making them 8 months old? The degree of bulk indicates they were fed well. Heavily fed young tosai can have bulging belly issues that disappear with growth. At one point in the video, 'A' appears to have an overly enlarged belly even taking into account it's youth. At other points, however, it looks OK. The patterning tends to accentuate the impression, particularly the curved sumi marking on the flank just above the anus, but freezing the frame allows the eye to adjust. Tosai 'C' has a rather short head and does not give much of a positive impression. Tosai 'B' has the better form at this point and has definitely grown more. It is not possible to sex them from a video, and at this age only a breeder with years of selecting experience is going to do better than 50-50. Nonetheless, something about 'B' makes me think it is male.

    So, if it was me, I would eliminate 'C'. If in person 'A' has a completely screwed up form, that would leave 'B' as the one left. However, if 'A' is debatable when viewed in person, I would keep both 'A' and 'B' a few more months before selecting. I would be hoping that 'A' improves and that 'B' is not male. If I absolutely had to choose just one, I'm not sure which it would be simply because if 'B' is male, I would be eliminating it as soon as I confirmed it, and I cannot shake the idea that it is male even if I'm not able to say why. In the top view video angles, I find 'A' appealing.

    In any event, congrats on raising some homebreds that are worth some study. I'm sure they have been entertaining over the past several months.

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    Tosai Koiboy98's Avatar
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    I would choose B. however, I know zip about judging koi.

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    Oyagoi HEADACHE6's Avatar
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    Keep A & B and rehome C
    President : GLK&GS
    Officer : NMZNA
    Certified Judge : AKJA

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    Oyagoi mrbradleybradley's Avatar
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    What is your goal?

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