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Thread: Imported Medications: Remember to Convert

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    Imported Medications: Remember to Convert

    There are some folks who are importing medications from the UK that are not readily available in the U.S., and some U.S. retailers selling medications made in the UK. The dosage directions are often in gallons rather than liters. This leads to problems because folks in the U.S. think in terms of U.S. gallons, but the UK dosage refers to Imperial gallons. There is a difference. One product with growing popularity comes in a 65g package for treatment of 5,500 gallons. Those are UK gallons. That package will treat 6,604.3 U.S. gallons. So, use one of the conversion calculators on the internet before ordering to avoid buying more than you need. If you already bought it, do the conversion to avoid overdosing. A 20% overdose may not be a concern with some medications, but can be a real concern with others; and unnecessarily using 20% more is a waste of money.

    If you cannot tell what sort of gallon is meant by the directions, go by the metric dosage (usually in liters) if on the label. Or, check the manufacturer's website. If you find they are in the UK, you know you need to check it out. But, UK manufacturers generally give a metric measurement, while U.S. manufacturers often do not. Someday we will catch up with the rest of the world. It is best to always go by metric measurement to be sure everything is measured on the same standard, but it would be hard to find someone in the U.S. who knows off the top of their head how many liters their pond holds. (Go use a conversion calculator to find out.) Domestically produced products virtually always refer to gallons... U.S. So, folks assume all gallons are U.S. gallons. Many will not realize they are buying a product imported from the UK that gives dosages in UK gallons and ignore dosages given in liters ...and the retail clerk generally knows nothing, while the internet dealer doesn't think. It's up to the koikeeper to inform themselves and do the thinking.

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    Good advice Mike. Something that people tend to not think about until there's an issue.

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