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Thread: Egg bound fish please help

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    Egg bound fish please help

    Hello fish lovers - I need your help please.
    i have a fish that rapidly gained weight over last two months and just wasn’t stopping. I managed to spawn her with three males and get some eggs out - most eggs were rotten in a matter of hours.
    she is still very fat as you can see - I’m worried that she will die from this. I tried hand stripping the eggs - when I press nothing at all comes out
    need some help please.
    thanks Quinton

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    You have already done all that I would suggest.

    My experience has been that the ones which remain bloated after spawning end up dying, but it can be a year or more before they pass. I have not dissected any to try to find the cause. I have read reports by some who have. Usually they find nothing, but admit not knowing what to look for. Some have found internal tumors. The rapid weight gain may not have to do with eggs, but fluid retention due to poor organ function. The eventual immediate cause of death appears to be septicemia, but that is probably a consequence of the organ failure depressing the immune system leading to internal infection. Those I know who have tried antibiotic injections have not obtained positive results. It proved to be stressful on both hobbyist and fish, expensive and useless.

    Sorry I cannot give any useful advice.

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