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Thread: Diminishing marginal growth?

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    Diminishing marginal growth?

    Through experience we first put 7 fish in a pond. Then we decide to put an 8th fish. Then when we put the 9th I noticed that it does not grow as large as the first 8 fish. Is it possible that there is a shrinking marginal growth potential among koi in ponds? Since the new koi fish had to already share pond space with the existing fish already? Or maybe its possible that the fish has genetics that do not make it grow as large?

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    I will go the the second idea maybe the problem is within the fish genetics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbuenavides View Post
    I will go the the second idea maybe the problem is within the fish genetics.
    Ive checked the fish again today and yeah the the 9th fish is now as large as the 8th fish. Maybe you are right

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    There could be genetic differences or a crowding/competition impact. It is not possible to draw much of a conclusion without a lengthy history of experiences in the pond. After nearly 15 years, I have a fairly good idea of what I can expect from a tosai added to my pond in the Spring. Since the population is not allowed to exceed 16 koi older than tosai, environmental and husbandry practices are fairly similar from year to year. It was noticeable when I began using high protein foods some years ago. Newly added tosai grew more rapidly during their second year. Older koi gained bulk not previously achieved. But, growth in length is highly variable, undoubtedly due to genetics. .....This past summer was a bit of a mixed bag of enjoyment and disappointment. A couple of tosai Karashigoi grew so quickly that I did not get as long a time to enjoy the cute antics of having small ones in with the big gals, but it is awesome how quickly a koi can grow when the genetics are right.

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    This can be due to difference in genetics of the fishes or impact of crowding.

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