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Thread: Wall thickness on raised pond

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    Wall thickness on raised pond

    Hi all,

    I'm about to begin buying materials to construct a raised pond. I have no idea what thickness the wood should be.

    The pond will measure approximately 11ft x 5ft. It will be partially submerged with depths of between 4ft and 3 ft. 2.5 ft will be above ground. I hope that makes sense. So, the question is, how thick does the above ground wood need to be?

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    Honmei MCA's Avatar
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    Wood? Instead consider a poured concrete floor with block walls. Plan so that the walls go around 24" above grade to provide a nice seating area and keep out wind blown debris, mud, and any yard chemicals from getting in the pond. Also helps to keep 2 and 4 legged animals out of the pond. Suggested depth 6-8' with 2' above grade and the rest in ground.
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    Where are you located? If in a warm climate, having only 1.5 to 0.5 feet below the ground surface might work. (But, water could get very warm in summer.) If in a locale with true winter, pond may not be useable for several months of the year.

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    I'm in The UK and raised wooden pools are fairly common.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happyclapper View Post
    I'm in The UK and raised wooden pools are fairly common.
    If you are building a frame for the liner made out of wood, I'd recommend that you use 2" thick by 6" wide or what we refer to as 2x6 board in the US. Make sure that you connect these to 4x4 posts that are anchored with cement to keep them in place and don't exceed 2 feet above ground if you keep the water level 4-6 inches from the top.
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    Thank you Brian, very much appreciated!

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