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Thread: Looking for Hawaii Koi People.

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    Question Looking for Hawaii Koi People.

    I am a newcomer to Koi/Nishikigoi/pond construction. Would like to know if anyone knew of any serious hobbiest/breeders in Hawaii. I have spoken to a few Koi people from the Hawaii Carp & Goldfish Club, but I'm sure there has to be more interested parties. I plan to attend the next club meeting next month, but would like to make some contacts soonest. Thanks & Aloha all.

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    Akai san:

    You can contact me at (808) 455-7368 and we can discuss this over the phone...Am retired so call anytime between 7am -10pm daily... Let ring a long time, no answering machine and am working on new pond...

    Aloha! Mike

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    I met a couple from Hawaii by the name of Charlene and Kenneth Horimoto. They were cool and seem to be supporting they're club 100%. You can ask about them.

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    I'm on windward side. Here most of the day. Call cell 294-3973.

    steve hopkins

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