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Thread: What is the latest news

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    What is the latest news

    I only found out midweek that the earthquake was in Niigata !!!

    My wife and I visited the area almost exactly 5 years ago for the koi harvest.
    It is no understatement to say that it was one of the experiences of my life. Something I will cherish forever.

    I was told about this website by Derek York of Klassic Koi, the information and images are just terrible. My heart goes out to all those people affected.

    Such a beatiful and awe inspiring area decimated by nature.

    What is the latest information regarding breeders ? I get the impression that whilst some will be able to operate, once power, access etc is sorted others are wiped out.

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    In your last summation about breeders, I think you just about got it right. some escaped and will rise back and others may have been dealt too big a blow.

    I do feel the culture is such that those that are marginal will try hard to batttle back because of the brave warriors from their past whose blood still runs in their veins.

    I have tried to keep up with friends visiting there and word on different breeders. The personal message from fujio oomo and nogami-san was the first i had heard from any breeders i knew and lifted my spirits immensely

    I have jumped around to most boards and gleaned what i could of news. Now only time will tell

    i'll end with a line from a a simon and garfunkle song

    "preserve you memories, they're all that's left you!"

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    Thanks Dick.

    Which other sites have you been looking at ?

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    Try www.koichat.com there are several threads on there including some from eye-witnesses in Japan.

    Next time you see Derek, tell him I said Hi.

    rgds BERN
    South East Koi Club

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