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Thread: Eye Witness Report

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    Eye Witness Report

    "Latest eye-witness report." From Koichat.com

    Martin Symmonds lives in Ojiya and was trapped there throughout the emergency. I got a short e-mail from him this morning after comms were restored. One of Martins friends is the breeder Miyaishi and having heart reports about Torazos (about 100 yards away) I asked how things were there.

    I got this reply a few minutes ago. QUOTE
    Basically so far after the first quake 6.8 on Saturday at 5.56pm we got hit by 2 other big ones. Since then a couple of others but nearly 400 aftershocks and still going.
    The entrance of the road to Yamakoshi going to Miyaishi the mountain cracked off and pushed the road into the Shinano and blocked the entrance in.
    Inside Yamakoshi and Mushigame it seems bad. Many house involved in mud slides and we see more everyday on the news. All people were eveacuated.
    About breeders we hear some have lost complete homes and farms but as nobody is allowed in nobody is looking after fish. It will take a few more days for me to know more. I go into the area each day.
    The street from Miyaishi down to main road was flooded but Miyaishi and Torazo Farms are OK we managed to keep about 80 % of fish alive with generators the whole mountain side behind Miya's house collapsed but did not hit the house.
    From below Torazo the road flooded because of mud slide nearly all the houses destroyed. Kosugi, Isa completly wiped out.
    I find out more every day but inside mountain area very bad and dangerous still.
    In Ojiya much damage even now after 7 days still areas with no water, electricty or gas. My apartment got hit so bad can not live in any more.
    All in all a disaster zone.
    rgds BERN Bern
    Kaisoku Nishikigoi Nantou Eikoku

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    Good to hear that Torazo may not be devastated, but the idea of Isa being gone is saddening.

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    always appreciate getting updates. thank-you. glad to hear Martin is ok as well!

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