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Thread: Pond filtration

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    Pond filtration

    Could you help me and my husband with what's the best filtration system on the market? I found this list here, read reviews, and read a couple of articles, but, speaking frankly, can't understand a thing. I'd appreciate if someone with experience send me a PM and we could discuss everything

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    In my opinion, there is no "best filter". There are multiple types of filter systems, and many brands of each sort. Each type excels at certain functions, and even highly experienced people will debate about filter types ...and their favorite brands. Since every koi pond is different, and people have different goals, no one type or brand will be "best" for everyone. And, how much time a person is willing to devote to cleaning & maintenance can make a big difference on what will work best for them.

    Questions: How large is your pond? (How many gallons, how deep?) Will it have waterlilies/plants? Are you wanting a landscape feature, or is your focus on raising show-worthy koi? Is it OK if the equipment is unsightly because either you do not care, or you have plenty of room to plant screening shrubbery; Or, is it important that equipment be compact & easily hidden? Are you handy when it comes to doing the plumbing work, or you need it to be comparatively simple to install? ….Is the pond already built? If so, the existing plumbing will have a big impact on what is feasible.

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    What we mean when we say filtration is 3 distinct stages:</p>
    Stage 1: mechanical stage filtration. This is where we collect and remove undissolved solids (fish poop, uneaten food, parts of plants,...etc.) before they decay and add to water pollution. This is where the term &quot;filter&quot; does apply. We are filtering out solids.</p>
    Stage 2: nitrification. This is where we provide a good home for the bacteria that convert ammonia to nitrite to nitrate. Note this molecular conversion by bacteria....nothing is being filtered out.</p>
    Stage 3: denitrification. This is where we provide a good home the the bacteria that break down nitrates into oxygen (which the bacteria consume) and release the leftover nitrogen gass.</p>
    For more info, see &quot;Filtrations Basics&quot; pdf at the following site: https://www.facebook.com/groups/345120498967/files/</p>
    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.

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