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Thread: O2 saturation question

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    O2 saturation question

    I am having a hard time understanding or converting mg/l to % saturation for O2. I have been measuring between 8-8.8 mg/l for the O2 in my Q tank that is 440' ASL with water temp at 70 degrees. I can not find the formula or an online calculator for converting this to % concentration. I do not know what the top level is before it reaches a super saturation solution. Is there room for improvement or am I about maxed out as to what the water is able to carry at this temperature?


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    Hi Lester,

    I found some Sites about that in German.

    70 degrees, I think that is Fahrenheit are 21 Celsius.

    The saturation of 100% at 21C/70F are at 8,68mg/l.

    So you are around the 100%.

    8 mg/l are 92,17%

    8,8 mg/l are 101,38%

    If you and/or the other users are interessted, I try to post a table abot the temperature and the satutation.

    Regards Nico

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    There is a table of all O2 saturation grades from 0C/32F to 40C/104F.
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    There will be a correction factor of several percent for altitude as well.



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    Thanks KSL and Bekko that is what I was looking for I am trying to dial in my TT to conserve heat and do not want to drop the saturation to low.


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