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Thread: My Love

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    My Love

    You might think I'm a little crazy but, I picked up the only koi I truly wanted for the new pond yesterday. For years I didn't see what people saw in Chagoi's. I always called them rat fish. But in the last year I got hit with the Chagoi bug. I told me wife if I only got one koi for the new pond it was going to be a Chagoi.

    Here's a picture of my new love.

    She's a 2 year old and 19" long. But I do have a big problem. Out of all the koi we ever had, I think only a hand full got names. Since this is my little girl (and I hope she will not be little for long), she needs a name. Would anyone care to suggest a few names for me? After I get a few names, I will let my daughter pick the name for her. Let the thinking begin.



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    Geez, I thought that was her name..."My Love"

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    how about goldy

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    Sparkle? or Twinkle? subtle names but still maintain her feminin charm?


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    Is she a Ogata Chagoi?

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    Thanks everyone, I will add those name to the list.

    Koi-Schmid-Linden, yes she is a Ogata Chagoi.


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    Daihonmei aquitori's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    NorCal Biotch!!!
    How bout' "Turd" as Peter Waddington described it in one of the videos...just joking...Nice pick-up, I saw that Gin Rin Chagoi, I like the eveness of the Gin Rin. I should have went to Kevin's yesterday, but I was at Tom's shop chillin and answering some questions that Dr.Dave had on koi. Remember I am the "Goldfish" expert. HAHAHA. Tom C. I think you should check out Dr.Dave's pond when you are up here again.
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.

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    Aquitori this was a koi I got from Ken at Eastern. So many dealers had Chagoi's this year, but this one seemed to be every clean. A lot of the Chagoi I saw had shimi's or Hi spots on them. This one said please take me home, so I did. I'm hoping to put 8" or more on her next year. Will see if I can hit my goal.

    I was hoping to make it to Kevin's Sunday but some issues came up where I couldn't. They are going to ship me the koi that they are holding for me. It sound like I'm going to have to take a weekend in the spring to come up and see some ponds and some koi. It sound like you guy's have a lot of nice ponds around. If you guy's come to one of the shows next year down here, we will have to have a BBQ for you guy's. By then the koi will be in the pond also.


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    Echoing Luke's idea: Mia -- short for Mi Amore.

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    Sansai Ian_&_Terri's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    Newcastle, ON, Canada
    Hi Tom, I tried to post this at KV but I haven't a clue if it went through.... you know how frustrating it's been there lately... I don't seem to get many posts to go through *sigh*
    Here it is..

    "She's beautiful... How 'bout Charisse - means Grace, Beauty, and Kindness. Or how about a Japanese name, like Emi - "blessed with beauty".

    Kind Regards, Terri"

    Oh I like Luke and Jason's idea too.. Mia is very pretty.

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