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Thread: I'm a bad boy

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    I'm a bad boy

    I was a bad boy today. Me and my wife, and daughter went to Eastern Nishikigoi Koi today just to say hello to Ken. Guess what it turned into a buying trip. We got 3 more two year olds from him. We go a showa, tancho sanke, and a ginrin ochiba. I will pick them up in a week or so, and I will get some pictures of them then.


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    Daihonmei aquitori's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    NorCal Biotch!!!
    What's so bad about that...As long as you are happy with your purchase that's the only thing you can do. Well, see you in LA on the 5th at Ken's show...KOI-UNIT plans for Shinkokai membership as the first club in America!!!!!
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.

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    It's bad when you don't have the money for them. Ken, Kevin and Andy took more than my budget for the next few years a few months ago. LOL So much for budgets. I guess getting koi is like building a pond. You set a budget and next thing you know your over it. All I can say it's nice that I have a wife that's getting into it. She put her claims on the Marujama Kohaku I got from Kevin and now she put her claim on the ginrin ochiba I just got from Ken. That's fine, she can put her claim on all of them, as long as I can get them. :0)


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    Get the woman that thinks she is married to me interested in koi.

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    Luke tell her it's for her, not you.


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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    seattle, wa
    good luck on getting her involved. mine was in the beginning. then when I started getting rid of the pond mutts towards a show standard she and the kids lost interest. She always loved koromos. She had a good one once called "jay-jay". It was named after the towing company that came to bring our audi back to the garage for repair when the tranny went out on it on the way to a distant koi dealer. We called to say we were not coming and why and he came and got us, found her the koi she wanted and then drove us an hr back home! We would have called her by his name "mark" but it didn't fit! (lol)

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    My wife (intentionally?) picks the least attractive koi and proclaims it as "hers", and therefore untouchable by the hands of sembetsu-san.

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    Dick that's what I call customer service. I will have to call my dealers and see if they will pick me up next time they get new koi in. LOL Dick do you have a picture of that koi?

    Here's the showa we got. It a Sakuma showa and is about 17" long. It said buy me, so we did. I have to say I think my wife does have a eye for koi. For some reason when we go to look at koi, she always picks out the nicer $$ ones. As I learn more from people on these boards what to look for, I start pointing out things to her.

    With the three new koi that brings the number up to 8 that will be in the pond after I get rid of the others I have. I might keep one other or two others that are in the pond now. They are to small to know if they are males or females yet. I still want a sanke and a shiro for the pond. Then that should do it and will watch them grow. I don't think the shiro or the sanke will come this year. The plan was 10 koi for the new pond. My wife thinks it needs more, but the max it will have is 13 for 9,000 gallons. At that I think they will still grow well.


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    Jumbo B.Scott's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    My daughter would always ask if she could pick the koi when I went to buy one. My answer NO-WAY! If I was buying a car I wouldn't let her pick either.
    Luke they do the same thing to me. Pick one fish and it becomes "HERS" and by rights untouchable.
    Semper in excreta, sumus solum profundum variat

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Orlando, Florida
    Nice Showa.

    ..... If you have the will power to stick by that resolution, you are stronger than me! My goal is to get to the point that I acquire one good koi per year, but I doubt I'll be able to give up getting some tosai each year to watch. (I have gotten pretty good at finding new homes for them after a year or so.)

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