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Thread: Bead Filters, an American curse?

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    Daihonmei aquitori's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    NorCal Biotch!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by swordfish
    aquitori, there is a perfect system. Its the koi keeper himself.

    AMEN!!!! Everyone goes through a journey of what is best for their pond...
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donald
    Last weekend it was wonderful day for me to visit a koi dealer near by. There were a bunch of new arrival nisai to view and critic, a chance of tete-a-tete conversation with an seasoned judge/hobbyist and meeting a bunch of koi friends.

    After all those years of debating, one of my koi friend still insisted that using bead filter filtration as the main bio source is an acceptable option! an philosophy of (bio) selection! Talking about the pursuit of wisdom!! Here is his filtration setup:

    B. drain > shalow settling tank with Matala.
    Then to pump > bead filter > to pond.

    This design was the brainchild of 3 local koi dealers that I am aware of. The principle of this warp setup was to catch most of the waste at the settling tank with help from Jmats, Matala or PCV shaves .... then the beadfilter has an easy time in processing the ammonia/nitrite! Instead of daily summer backwashing, the routine is reduce to a weekly/monthly chores!! Settling tank is then isolated and clean weekly!! My good Lord! there are more: the dealers claimed fish is healthy and growing like weed!! And, I almost forget, the water is GIN clear! Meanwhile the dummy guy, like JR, was talking about 2-hour interval settling tank summer flushing if he has his way!!!

    My friend, I would like to debate with you on this cyber once for all. You know who I am and I know you cruise this cyber .... let's debate this week as my current work load would allow me to sit and cruise with you all day! Looser pay for all SoCal ZNA trip? Donald

    ps. in the future meetings between us, we only talk about how to collect real high class Nishikigoi at an affordable cost. OK my friend?
    D, you bag on people and their ponds pretty good. Well, here's my piece to YOU - YES YOU - - Why don't you show us your cards and post up your "perfect system" and while you're at it how about some pics. Everyone's seen mine. Once again put your money where your mouth is .

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    seattle, wa
    Guys I can see the emotions starting to flare and i think when they do we loose what this board is all about.

    While i believe you both need to be able to carry on a lively debate and that others can learn from your comments, I urge you both to please keep things
    respectful here. thanking you both in advance.

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    Yes, I think beads are a curse. They are an excellent method of solids removal, but they catch the particles in a compressive fashion, holding them in a flow of water that gets more powerful as it collects more crap, thus boosting the opportunity for organics to disolve and increase the pollution.

    EA's new device is a version of the static kaldness that some of us have been looking at for a while now. Interestingly, this means that K can be run to catch no particles at all when fluidised, but static it becomes a very efficient particle trap. Better still, it does not trap the particles in a compressive fashion.

    My personal favourite would be to run a screen over a bed of static sinking media shaped like kaldness. This ssm would be fluidised to clean, and water removed from it using an undergravel like extraction. The water from that would then be pumped to a TT.

    This system gives serious solids removal, -far better than the answer, does not need a dedicated pump to run it, wnat little escapes the screens is held in the SSM, and any organics that do escape get fried in the TT, which can give most of the benefits of a Bakki.

    The footprint would be tiny, and in theory could filter a pond of 10,000, maybe even more using a 1 metre sq footprint. (this would depend on baffling the flow to prevent disturbance of the SSM by the water falling onto it.

    I'd rate that as pretty good.

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    Pearl City, Oahu, Hawaii
    Aloha bil...

    Have you ever owned a Bead Filter, what type? What kind of fish load,? If the clogging was a problem, why didn't you clean it more often?

    Am asking these questions because after a year and a half, I haven't experienced any problems and am wondering if I have to aware of something that may happen in the future...

    As I've said many times, our water quality is great, koi are healthy, great color and growth... ORP always 350-400 no nasties in the water...

    Your comments will be greatly appreciated..

    Aloha! Mike

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    Nope, never used one, never would, except as a fines removal system, and even then I would rather use a loose capture system like static K than a compressive system.

    What you need to be aware with a bead is that it is compressive and can react badly to treatments like pp.

    I'm glad it works well for you. My grandfather smoked all his life and lived till he was almost 90. Despite that I still don't recommend it.

    They have their uses, and if you have no space for a real filter they can be the only way you will get one to work. I still don't like them and wouldn't ever advocate one. Oddly, a lot of serious koi people like JR are always very critical of them.

    Sorry, but I still rate a screen 'n static as far better.


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    Mar 2004
    Pearl City, Oahu, Hawaii

    Thanks for your honest candid reply...

    Aloha! Mike

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    No problem. Always good to have discussions that can remain pleasant and informative. Beads are a brilliant concept, like the Answer, but I feel that both lack something in practice.

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    seattle, wa
    altho many are in use and under the proper maintenance can add to the benefit of the pond's Former condition. Knowledge and education is a progressive movement for those involved. Change and growth is inevitable. We all benefit
    from the work and study created by Ea and other groups. We may all be heading for the same location but our timeing and routes we take to get there may have us arrive at varied times. i thinkthe driving force should be the japanese concept of kaisan or daily improvement. BB's are not the end all be all. But they can make a contribution on the path to knowledge. To understand their strength and weaknesses is to be a better koi keeper. many have different learning techniques. some can grasp concepts some have to have hands on and learn thru cause and affect.

    in example: someone who has been burned by fire could tell someone else don't mess with it. Another who has been warmed by it might have another view. Ultimately the person who hears boths sides of fire will probably in all inevitability
    have to find out what it means to them.

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