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Thread: Intex Above Ground Pools...

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    If You have a adults pool then please tell me the costs and size of the pool.

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    I do not have one.

    Over a decade ago I used a metal-framed one while my pond was being built. It did the job, but was not a one person job to set-up. Disassembly afterwards was a real pain. I ended up giving it to our postman so long as he disassembled and hauled it away. From what I have seen since, the inflatable top-ring type pool is much easier to set-up and cheaper. But, it cannot support weight of filtration lines, etc. running over the top ring.

    Since this thread was started, Intex has many different types and sizes of above ground pools that could be used for temporary needs. Prices run from $100 to over $1,000. The longer the temporary use will occur, the more that will be needed for filtration, etc. (The filters sold with Intex products for use as a pool are not appropriate for use as a temporary fish holding tank.) Check out the Intex website for what is current. They are available through lots of retailers on-line. Seeing in person in your area will take some searching. Not many retailers are going to take up space to display them.

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