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Thread: Spawning and water temperature

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    Spawning and water temperature

    I heard that when the spawn season is coming, the water temperatur can be used to control the day of spawning. If the water temperature goes down at night (that can be done with a little change of water) and goes up in the early morning (using the heater system) that will produce the spawning.
    Is that possible ? that would be a good way for me to have the spawning period during my week holyday, so I will have time to save some egs ....
    Does somebody had already use that system ?
    Thank you for the answer .

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    usually a switch of 4 F up or down will set them off. Increase the air and try as close to a full moon as possible ( 4 days)

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    Our kids went at it last weekend. The pond water is above 65F. We woke up Saturaday mornng to find an ogon beside the pond. After hours spent reviving her, we put her in QT. She has already recovered and is back in the main pond. We were very lucky.

    One thing is for sure, between the spawning and the HUGE amount of pollen this spring (not to mention all the cherry blossoms), the ORP went to heck!!! Slowly it is headed back to 300mv territory.

    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.

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