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Thread: Gin Matsuba and Sanke

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    Oyagoi koifishgirl's Avatar
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    Gin Matsuba and Sanke

    Hi guys can any of you smart un tell me what a Gin Matsuba and Sanke cross spawn would result in? A friend of mine has some koi in a small pond getting ready to sell them and when he went to check on the koi they had spawned in the tank and now he had a bunch of fry and is wonder what he will come up with. Would he come up with Kujaku fri from this or would it be mostly something else.

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    Oyagoi bekko's Avatar
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    Perhaps there will be gin matsubs, sanke, platinum, shiro muji, bekko, hi utsuri, higoi, aka matsuba, kohaku, showa, kujaku, chagoi, magoi, others I can't think of, others which cannot be predicted, many others which do not have a name.

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    Mixing koi from different branches of the koi genetic tree produces a bunch of pond mutts. Sanke should be crossed with Sanke, Showa with Showa, Kohaku with Kohaku, Matsuba with Matsuba. Even then you still get a tiny yeild of recognizable babies. You are trying to display recessive genes so this requires line breeding to be somewhat sucessful. Dominant genes are all wild carp like. NOt what you want.

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