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Thread: I got Summer in Japan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akai-San
    So, it would probably make sense to establish that one year drivers license from AAA and then get some good experience on the roads before trying to tackle that test. Does that seem reasonable?

    Maybe one year I drive, then one year my wife drive, then we take the test...hows that for stretching it. hahaha...Hopefully, we'll be able to be better versed with the language by then. We'll do our best. Thanks Brian.
    It absolutely makes sense, but I'd get working on passing the road test as soon as you feel comfortable driving in Japan. There's a whole "driver's license industry" here where drving schools charge from 300,000-500,000 yen or about $2,900 - 4,800 US to train students how to drive and most importantly, how to "pass" the test. It's a cozy relationship between the DMV and this industry, so they really frown on people taking the test without enriching the industry first. Just like Bancherd, it took me 3 tries to pass the test, and I'd been driving in Japan for at least 9 years before they changed the law. They will focus on small mistakes and use these as a reason to fail you the first few times around, so don't get too upset if you don't make it the first or second time around.

    On a separate note, I went to get an international driving permit from the DMV here in Japan when we visited Hawaii last year, only to be told that I could drive in Hawaii on my Japanese driver's license! Seems like there's no reciprocal agreement for Hawaii residents in Japan though...
    Brian Sousa
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    I think your Japanese license is good for a year in Hawaii. Actually, you cannot rent a car with only an international license - you need your Japanese license to do that.


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