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Thread: Momotaro success - West Aust ZNA show

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    Momotaro success - West Aust ZNA show

    hi to all koi lovers across the world

    This post is about the success of momotaro in the Western Australia ZNA show (english style). Though there were no momotaro koi that entered the show there were 7 koi that grew up in a bakki showered pond and fed momotaro food that were entered in the novice section of the show. They were entered in 4 categories, kohaku, sanke, tancho, kawarimono.

    The koi were fed all season food at pond temperatures that currently are between 17 and 19 degrees. They were fed until the second last day before the show. I mention this point because momotaro had purposefully changed their food to an all season one where it can be fed in summer as well as winter even though it has 39% protein and 3% spirulina. Although it has high protein content it can still be used in winter because the food is highly digestible. The point of the food was to help the koi develop colour slowly without effecting white whilst promoting growth. This food also allowed hobbyist to feed their koi right up to the show without having the fuss of stopping colour enhancing food too early (poor colour) or too late (poor white).

    Of the 7 koi there were 3 kohaku, 2 sanke, 1 tancho sanke and 1 chagoi.

    Two of the kohakus took 2nd and 3rd place.

    The tancho took 1st place in tancho.

    The chagoi took 1st place in kawarimono.

    A 42cm sanke took 1st place in sanke.

    The same sanke took the second biggest prize in the novice section coming second behind the novice champion.

    A total of 6 awards.

    I am personally over the moon, with the results as the pond is only 7 months old. Unfortunately as i was helping out with the show sales section i did not have any time for photos. I will post photos taken before the show later.


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    Tewa, Congrats on the success of the show. You guys cant even import nishikigoi and you guys have a show. I think that is koikichi for sure..

    Props out to the Aussies!

    It's a living creature (chit happens)

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    Sansai tewa's Avatar
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    May 2004
    hi guys

    Thanks for the support keokoi. Here are some photos i took two weeks before the show.

    This kohaku took 2nd place in the novice division and was around 46cm long

    this sanke took 1st place and runner up novice champion, it is only 42cm andit beat a few sankes that were fifty something close to sixty.

    this kohaku took third place in the novice division its 43cm long

    This chagoi took 1st place in kawarimono novice section is 47cm long and only 14 months old

    This tancho took 1st place in tancho division its 52cm long

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    first and foremost CONGRATS!

    I appreciate your sharing the photos and info for our general knowledge. It shortens the learning curve to be able to learn along with others from their experiences.

    I was a bit concerned about feeding koi up to 2 days before a show from a water quality standpoint. Did I mis understand the posting? I thought general concensus across the pond in any direction was no food for 5 days prior to a show to allow them to really clean waste out of their system and therefore make keeping less of a concern for the show water quality men and ladies......?

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