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Thread: fish not feeding well......

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    fish not feeding well......

    hello everyone, i just recently build my first pond. it is about 450 gallons and approx. 3 feet deep. the pond has been up for about 4 months and i just added 5 4"-5" koi last week. problem is they don't seem to be eating much. and with all the other ponds i've seen the koi always swim around the top off the water my stay at the bottom all the time. if anyone has any suggestions to get them more into eating i would appreciate them.

    thanks alot,

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    Oyagoi bekko's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    Just wait - they will come around. It is a long difficult process to starve a fish, so do not worry about that. They will start eating when they get hungry. Often, they will not eat when someone is standing over the pond until they get used to the situation.

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    To help them adjust to their new environment make sure your pond is well aerated and keep water parameters in check. Patient.


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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Orlando, Florida
    Brandon: Welcome to the board. There are lots of reasons your new little ones may not be eating. But we would need a lot more information about your water, filtration, etc.; and where you are located. Most likely, they will be eating fine in a few days. Still, pay attention to them. If you see any scratching themselves on the pond bottom or walls, then there could be a parasite problem activated by the change from one pond to another. I hope you have a good book on koi published after 1995. There are several on the market that cost under $40 (US) and most larger public libraries will have one or more on their shelves. Good luck!

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    Jumbo B.Scott's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    Youe say your pond has been running for 4-5 months. Has it had fish in it during this time? Your filter will ot cycle without fish in the pond. have you tested the water for ammonia and nitrites? What are your water temeratures like.

    Be aware that 450 gallons is VERY small for a koi pond. if unheated it will be subject to swings of temerature and PH to a far greater extent than a larger pond would be.Your pond is about the size of my quarantine tank. (about 3'x3'x6?) It will do for a year of so but that is about all.
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    Nisai Mike Mazur's Avatar
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    as stated first few weeks can have the new fish shy, and depending on their feeding habits where they wer they might not yet associate people with food, they will get the idea, also if they are domestic or Japanese fish seems to make a difference, the Japanese fish I see even in the sales tanks are extremely vigorous feeders and will rise to a boil at the sign of a person coming over the tank. Sounds like you have uilt your first pond, hope you can incorporate it into the next, possibly as a "flow to pond" from the new larger one, everyone on this board knows that it will come, someday. good luck aerate, aerate. aerate. hmmm q tank above holds that much water, I think my filter holds that and then some
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    I have the same experience when I built my first pond. I think it is a new pond syndrome, where ammonia level is still high. I suggest donot feed the fish for at least one week. Then start feeding small quantity before increasing as the fish gain appetite. Happy trying.

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    ok thanks everyone for the advice...i've only had the koi for a short time, but prior to that i had a dozen comets in the pond. when i got my koi i took the comets out. i keep my water about 7 ph and the ammonia and nitrates are ok. i have a fish mate filter with an 8 watt uv light outside the pond then on the inside i have a submersible filter made by laguna. all this is run off one 600 gph pump. i guess i'll just wait them out maybe they won't starve.

    thanks alot,

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    seattle, wa
    just becauyse your seeing them hugging the bottom and afraid to come to the surface doesn't mean they're not picking algea off the sides etc. you ought to hang back out of site and watch what they do. How about a nice piece of worm ( that sinks?)

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    You got very good advice here, but before you panic, you must learn to read the koi sign language. You say they stay on the bottom; do they just sit there all in a tight group (when you're there or after you stay very quiet out of sight for a while), do they hover with pecs open or tight against their body. Have you seen them swimming together around the pond peimeter?

    Most likely, providing your water is good, they are just adapting to a new environment. Koi might not eat for several days when put in a new pond that is shallow and open to the skies.

    Give them time and quiet. Put very little food there and walk away immediately. Come back 15 minutes later to check if the food was eaten. If not, wait 2 days before you put in more food. Maybe try sinking food for alittle while.


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