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Thread: how to treat an injured koi ?

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    how to treat an injured koi ?

    Hi all,

    i just bought one maruten kohaku, well...sadly, he had an accident last on wednesay. he jumped out from the pond and his gill cover hit the rock on the edge of the pond. there's a small hole (well, maybe not a hole, it just a wound). My question is, is it possible for the wound to be healed ? and back to normal ?

    Can somebody suggest what and how to medicate it ? (Please if possible, don't give me a specific brand of medicine from UK or US (i'm really sorry, it's not that i don't like or something. It is because, i live in Indonesia and to find such medicines from US and UK (brands that i've read in Koi Carp Magazine) are very hard to get here). If possible, just give me a common name or brand name for them.

    Thanx a lot and please help me, this koi is one of my favourite. Thx alot !


    NB : i can't post the picture because my camera is now spoilt and i need to borrow from my friend first and i tried to upload last time but i couldn't. Thanx

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    Tosai BabyKoi's Avatar
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    May 2005

    Guess, nothing very serios, minor injuries.

    Sorry that your new Maruten Kohaku's injured.
    Sounds pretty small an injury to me.
    Most likely is just an abrasion on the operculum / gill plates.
    Just simple common salt / sodium chloride is almost good enough, girl.
    My girl, just 3kg salt mixed in 100 litres will be fine.
    Give Kohaku douses of salt baths, effective to ward bateria or parasites.
    Especially now Kohaku, so stressed from small injury after a jump, let it rest in salt bath.
    Update me if Kohaku worsens. A fuller description will surely be better.
    Hope this helps a stressed girl and a stressed Kohaku. Madison, BK.

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    Hi baby koi !

    Thx for the advice, will do it tomolo...Btw, im not a girl..'queen7' is just my nick. Well, i'm Queen (UK rock band) Maniac, so i used it inside my nick...Hahaha..I think i should change my nick...Hahaha...

    Anyway, I found 2 tancho showa in local dealer here today. It looks like tancho showa inside the website below. ( The one he said is tategoi).


    The thing is, i found that two of them are nice. The first one, the sumi is spread heavily and equally along its body and its is very sharp and dense sumi (quality is almost look like shiro). However, the red part (the dot part on its head) has two small n balck dots on it. (lok like the one that shown in Keirin Pond).

    The other one, the sumi pattern is not as much as the 1st one, but its is equally balance on both side. Well, it is almost look like the tancho showa on keirin pond (i think the one here better in term of sumi pattern). However, the sumi is very pale and not as strong as the first one (exatcly like in Keirin Pond). The red dot is rounder and free from black dots. Is this koi tategoi ? i mean will the sumi patter develop and give deeper sumi ?

    I've bought the first one, however the guy still don'w mind to exchange.
    So which one should i buy ?


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    Nisai simon's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    kent uk


    If specific koi treatments are hard to come buy, as long as you can anneathatise your tancho. There might be plenty of treatments for your koi to buy at your chemist/ pharmacy. Basic Iodine or hydrogen peroxide can be swabbed on to the area for a antiseptic and anti bacterial effect. Then look for a product called Friars balsam mix this with Malachite Green layer it on to the wound and you have a really good sealant to go over the wound. Towel try each layer gently before reaplying. Apart from the malachite Green here in the Uk the Iodine/Hydrogen Peroxide and friars balsam can all be brought over the counter from the chemist and a cost under 3 pounds or 5 $. Hope this may help
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    Oyagoi bekko's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    I would not touch the fish - just watch it closely. It will probably heal fine on its own. The stress of treatment may be more damaging than the injury itself. If it gets worse, then consider treatment.

    -steve hopkins

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