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Thread: Aeromonas Outbreak!

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    Aeromonas Outbreak!

    It seems to me that there is a lot of Hobbyists having Aeromonas problems this season. Even most Dealers that I have visited are having the same problem. Is there anyone out there who has successfuly triumphed over this pesky disease? If so, I'm sure there is alot of people who would benefit from your experience. Anyone?
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    Seems to me there are fluke problems or ich problems or trich problems or... and THEN the aeromonas comes along.

    The problem is likely in how well the fish are cleaned up after shipment and the kinda strange weather we've been having. A little extra stress from the oddball weather and a few parasites on already weakened fish in overcrowded conditions ... boom, 'sudden' problems.

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    I think your right, water tempature changes have been very strange because of the weather patterns this spring. The best luck I've had so far with keeping the Aeromonas in check is with a Baytril injection, followed by strickly feeding Debride medicated food and Debride ointment on the ulcer. It seems to work for me.
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    What's the Aeromonas? Can some one explain?


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    I was going to post I have not had a problem with Aeromonas in over 3 years with my own koi. But I went out tonight to find a little spot on one of my koi. It's the size of only one scale. I will be pulling it out in the morning, and will be dressing it with Koi Doc. This should take care of it since it's not bad at all. I think I will have to up my dosing on KoiZyme.


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    Dinh: Aeromonas is a bacteria which causes sores (ulcers) on the outside of koi and can become internal infections. Frequently there have been fluke infestations preceding the aeromonas infection, and this often occurs during times when water temperatures are beginning to rise after a cool period. The flukes become active, puncture the skin, natural immune system is retarded by cool temperatures, aeromonas sets in.

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    Avoiding Aeromonas

    It's all influenced by the enviroment afforded by the koi keeper. Aeromonas is present in any system at anytime.The filter media is the single largest factor in avoiding aeromanas outbreaks. Maintaining a low parasitic free enviroment is also important. See previous link http://www.koi-bito.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1987


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