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Thread: to UV or not to UV

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    to UV or not to UV

    who doesnt have a UV filter and still has clear water? whats your filter setup?

    i really really dont want to install a UV on my new pond, but i dont know if it will work without one. (with more than average fish load of course)

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    Hey Aragon,
    My first pond of 4500gals. had no UV and was crystal clear in almost full sun. The problem is , it was fully lined with rock which made the entire pond a biological system. I am presently re-doing that pond, and I believe I am going to have to put in a UV Light. Otherwise I would need a massive Biological filter.
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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    My old pond had no UV. Once established, it remained reasonably clear when the pond was shaded. After hurricanes eliminated the tree cover, a slight greenish tone occurred during warm weather, but not so much as to cause a problem. I believe the most important factors were a good biological filtration system (45 minute turn over), and a healthy growth of a carpet of algae on all pond surfaces. I believe the carpet algae produced chemicals which retarded other algae growth. (Allelopathy) In our climate, the carpet algae was actively growing year-round.

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    thanks guys ...

    what about the others?

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    i have a bakki showered pond of 5000gals,i turn over around 10,ooogph through the showers plus skimmer,the pond has been running for around 8weeks now.i have no UV and the pond is reasonably clear.
    the old pond i had i ran for around 2 years with no UV and never suffered green water.
    cheers Dave.

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    Jan 2004

    my pond is also 5000 gallons,3 bakki showers,have not had u.v for two and ahalf years never green
    regards craig

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    whats so bad about u.v lights then??

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    seattle, wa
    U V lights are like turn signals in a car. you don't use them all the time but when you need them they're there!

    if your pond is in balance with it's location to the sun, fish load and bio filters you will have no need of a UV.

    you can use a UV in the spring and fall during the mid 50's to lower 60's, breeding season for parasites so that the 2 weeks the eggs are water borne and not attached you can destroy them.

    here in the pacific NW, we get long lingering springs and then wam! instant heat.
    if your system is marginal, it will turn green and overwhelm the filters. The UV can help.

    to me ( my opinion ) by running UV 24/7 every day of the year it's like putting bandaides over an infected wound. you can't see what's going on till it's too late. the presence of algea is because there is food for the plants. If the filter was robbing it of the needed food, the algea wouldn't be a problem.
    If i had a thin dime for everytime someone at my seminars asked about why their fish had hole in the side when their water was crystal clear, i could buy you and KB's publisher a nice sushi dinner in tokyo!

    if you feel you must run a uv 24/7 be sure and change the bulb no less than annually and run a battery of water chemistry tests everyday! that way you wouldn't have any excuses for asking why the koi are in trouble when the water's crystal! sorry to be so opinionated but 25 years can sway one's decision making.....

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    Tategoi jacovors's Avatar
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    South Africa
    No UV and 2.6m deep. I believe by not having a UV light it is easier to combat blanketweed. Before the weed grows the pond will turn green to use up all the extra nutrients and if the UV kills the floating algae the pond has no choice but to produce blanketweed to use upthe excessive nutrients in the water.
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    it would seem that many of those who have NO UV, are the same ones with the shower type filters ...

    ok, let me qualify my question, im gonna be using k1 moving bed (about 600 litres) for a 14000 gallon pond (not including fitlers)

    assuming 100 litres of k1 get rid of half a kilo of food/poop

    and i only plan to feed NOT MORE THAN half a kilo per day... do you think i can get away without a UV filter?

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