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Thread: What is considered Average, Good and Excellent Growth

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    Question What is considered Average, Good and Excellent Growth

    Lately I've seen threads asking questions re: the size of koi and the best food for the growing season... So here's another question re: Growth...What is considered average, good and Excellent Growth during the first 4 years of a koi's life...

    I understand that there are a number of variables involved such as size of pond, water quality and the actual growing season etc... Putting all this aside what do you consider to be Average, good and excellent growth in your area...

    Start with an 8" gosanke tosai: List number of growing months:

    Tosai, 12 months old: 8"

    Nisai, 24 months old:Avg: Good: Excellent:

    Sansai, 36 months old:

    Yonsai, 48 months old:

    Thanks and Aloha! Mike T

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    an 8 inch tosai at the end of 12 months is a pretty average koi. if all the conditions were right and you were able to develop the koi to the higher end of it's ability

    2nd year 12 inches
    3rd year 18 "
    4th year 23-24 "

    there are so many variables that you've given us a tough assignment. I know SMG's asagi "minnow' was tiny, not more than 5 inches at tosai. I think she is 6 years old now and is up around 30 inches. So her genetics were good but environment till she got out of the dealer's hands wasn't the greatest

    My tategoi asagi in the grow ponds now, was 17 1/2 at nisai, I'm looking for 22 inches by this fall. Maybe 23?

    so at best, what i've listed is just a quess. For my money, once a koi gets past 24 inches they become a handful for handling and caring for! If I didn't have to handle or treat them, just feed a 31 incher is more my style!

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