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Thread: Fry selection

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    Sansai marco's Avatar
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    Oct 2004

    Talking Fry selection

    Last week my doitzu hariwake female spawn and two males, a ai goromo and a gin matsuba went with her.
    It was the first time for them, and for me too of course
    I did wat i read in a few tread of this forum and I have now plenty of little koi.
    So I have some question about the selection I will have to do in a few weeks
    1/ What can I expect as different intersting types ?
    2/ When will I have to make my first selection ?
    3/ At what age will I be abble to see if they will be doitsu or not ?

    Thanks for answering

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    Oyagoi bekko's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    I have no idea what you could expect from those pairings - variety, thats for sure. Decide how many you have room to keep and continue throwing away ones you do not like until you get to that number. You should be able to tell something about scalation when they reach about 3 cm.

    -steve hopkins

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    Tres Bien!

    Marco, I dont know about breeding all that much. But pretty much use it as a learning tool whatever you keep. I know if it was me I would document what I can so next time I will know better.

    Seems like a lot of breeders in Bito so I might have to buy me some parents nect year and play breeder for the heck of it.

    It's a living creature (chit happens)

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    Tategoi jacovors's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    South Africa
    Hi Marco,

    From the pairs that spawned you could expect some Matsuba,Hariwake,Ogon,Asagi and a host of others.If the Matsuba contributed more you should get some metalics to choose from. Do not expect some show stoppers from this spawn.
    Look for shine and lustre on the head and pectoral fins of the fry when they are about one inch long.
    Jaco Vorster
    South Africa

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    Sansai marco's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    Like you say Joe, I don't have any illusion, but I take it like an experiment and maybe later on, when I'll be retired (in a few 20 years) that will take the place of my work.

    Like a lot of us my pond is overstocked, Steve, so I will give the best one to some friend hoping they will fall into the hobby, and the others will joint a big pond on my golf course where some normal carp are living at the moment.

    Thanks for your answer and thanks for your web site, Jaco.

    If will joint a pict in a few month if any of them loock to something "classical".

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