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Thread: Your opinion of this kohaku

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    Your opinion of this kohaku

    I purchased this kohaku from suburban water gardens in long island, NY. I have owned him for 1 yr, and believe he is now 2. He is about 9 inches long. When I purchased him, it was unfortunate the owner was not in the shop. The people working only knew he was from japan, no one knew the breeder. Since this was a 2hr drive for me each way...I was taking him home regardless. If anyone has an opinion on who the breeder might be, I would appreciate it. Thanks for your honest opinions on this fish.....I have been learning a great deal from these type of threads on this website.

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    oh...I am a lousy photographer....any black specs you see on this fish were dirt that got into the tub. He has no black on him.

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    With my novice eye there is really not alot l like about this koi. The beni looks very thin.....almost too the point of vanishing on the last hiban step.
    I have an Ogata bred kohaku with the same traits, unfortunately.
    The koi looks very skinny with bad conformation......and at the age of 2 years old and only 9" suggests a koi that will never grow too a decent size.
    Sorry for the negative assessments but that is my opinion.

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    Conformation is okay, the tail joint/tail tube is a bit thin. The pattern is a so-so nidan, the beni is a bit thin but persimmion orange is always desirable in tategoi Kohak. The skin is pretty good, nice and white from the nose to the tail. We know how long you have had it, but we don't know how long the shop that sold you that koi had it. At this point you have a "Bonsai Koi". The koi will grow but not very big. I think if you had more info on this Kohak you could learn abit more about it....
    The world sleeps as the chance to learn something new passes.

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    Thanks for the input. It probably wont be a big koi. Unfortunately...this one is not a big eater. This fish hides very effectively most of the time. I actually caught him while trying to net another for potential show pictures. If it helps, these 2 fish, were in the same shipment from the same breeder. A showa, and a tancho showa(which unfortunately has red on one side partially covered by sumi.)

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