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Thread: Matala or Springflo

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    Matala or Springflo

    I want to replace the filter medium that came with my Patio Ponds Little Sister. Should I use matala (blue and gray) or Savio Springflo?

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    I really had to think about what I would say on this one, because I don't know what issues your facing that you hope to improve by switching media.

    I know fewer people using springflo as i do the other.

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    The only issue is that the media that came with the filter is not as good as it could be, nor is it enough to fill the chamber that it's in.

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    We replaced the media in our 2 little sisters (on quarantine) with sheets of Matala standing upright. We put several sheets in the chamber in a row and they work pretty well and are easy to clean. Much easier than the media that comes with the little sister. MJ

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    Which grades of matala did you use?

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    I would consider Matala a better product because of the surface area it provides for Bacteria, but I like the J-mat product because of its flexability, and the fact that it doesn't get brittle like Matala.
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    Dunno what your using if for being bio or Mechanical. I liek to use Brushes for mechanical and Japanese Mat for my Bio. I will be adding a bakki some time soon if it makes it on time before growing season is over..

    It's a living creature (chit happens)

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