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Thread: Mixing Eductor for pond current

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    Mixing Eductor for pond current

    Anyone use one of these? If so what do you think..

    I am convinced that more current always more exercise so I can make my koi body bulders rather than couch koi....

    I dont want to add another pump as that would make my settlement time too fast.

    Here is a pic if you have not already seenn one....

    It's a living creature (chit happens)

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    You just have to ask the right question all the times.

    Yes, I have 4 in my pond creating a clockwise current which could be turned into counterclockwise every month.

    Not only it creates current for the fish to exercise, it helps keeping the bottom of the pond cleaner.

    compared to wall jet, mixing eductor creates much more current. 1 gallon -> 5 gallons from the nozzle. Pretty amazing stuff.


    1. something sticks out inside the pond, your fish can hurt themselves if they are crazy. Mine haven't had anything happen yet.

    2. It will take some pump power to create adequate current at 3' depth. But again, anything for our koi right?

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    Wow instant respose.. Anyhow seems like a god idea! I worry about it sticking out they are kinda big looking but to all those who I have talked to I havent heard of the koi injuring themselves.

    KoiLoco, let me know where you picked yours up at. I know you know the least expansive out there.

    It's a living creature (chit happens)

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    Aquaticeco.com is where I got mine from.

    there are 3 different sizes. I have the smaller one which I think works fine and a lot smaller in size (safer)
    here is the link


    I personally think they are pretty safe. Koi learn to avoid stuff better than we think

    You will need 2 - 90 degree elbows for each eductor so you can turn it virtually in any direction you want.

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    I got mine from Sacramento Koi -- they build all their ponds with the things. They also have the little swivel pipes that allow you to point them in almost any direction.

    Yes, they are nice but they do take a bit more pump power. If you've got pump power to spare, then go for it.

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