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Thread: Do you leave your air difuser on 24/7?

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    Do you leave your air difuser on 24/7?

    I would like to know do you leave your air difuser on bottom drain on 24/7 365 days? Why and why not?

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    Yes, in my old system. You can see in the morning that the bottom of the pond is clean of any pooh and debris.

    Now in my new system, I am still debatine weather to install them or not. One thing I know for sure is that Bakki shower with bacteria house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TuanP
    I would like to know do you leave your air difuser on bottom drain on 24/7 365 days? Why and why not?
    When temps drop below 55 I shut them down cause I want to try to keep temps pretty warm. Not to worried about O2 level as the cooler water is rich with it. I alsoo shut em down also cause the I do not want the koi to have to swim and use precious energy as they need all they can get while in the hibernation mode.
    When spring rolls arounds I kinda wait until it rises steady past 55 and use a smaller air pump to pump my bio cambers and also my pond. Come temps pass 60 I turn on the bigger Medo and let her rip...

    With that said I also turn off water falls during winter for same reason as above.

    The only other time I shut off ari pump is soo I can view my koi a bit better. or when guests come over. It more for viewing pleasure. I use a remote controller to shut em off. Prolly my best toy to date... LOL

    It's a living creature (chit happens)

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    Tategoi Dan Blatt's Avatar
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    Like Joe, I turn them off in the winter for the same reasons. I do however turn the air off a couple times during the day to allow my skimmer to clean the pond of anything on the surface as well as have the koi swim in the return current of the skimmer along one side. Additionally for several feedings throughout the day.

    I have two airdomes at 7 ft. 2 inches and with the Maruka 80 it's like jacuzzi time. I try to give a little quieter times during the day. On from dusk to dawn though...always, and whenever I'm away at the store etc.

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    Union City, Ca
    I too shut off the air diffuser below about 50-55 degrees, and sometimes in the evenings for viewing the fish.
    Thanks, Dennis
    (pond pics at www.Woollum.com)

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    Sansai GazKoi's Avatar
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    Essex UK
    24/7 for me it only gets turned off when i want to go and have a look at them or enjoy them.


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