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Thread: Merchandising from Breeder?!

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    Merchandising from Breeder?!

    On some picture and movies Ive seen "merchandising" from breeders. Mainly T-shirts (for example Momotaro) and other clothes. Now my question is: Is it possible to get such products somewhere in Europe? Or do you have ask the breeders on your knees that they sell you such things?

    On the other hand I just know that Momotaro and Sakai have such clothes, Im not sure with Ogata and other big farms. Do other breeders also have such products?

    I know that it is an... erm. "interessting" question, but maybe someone knows something.

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    Ogata has a few shirts thought I neverf asked for any o fthem. I have a twoel that was gien to me by Ken Tran when I helped him with benching the show with Ogata bineg head judge.

    I have also seen the Momotaro shirts when I went to auctin but from the summer before some people I knew I think asked for a shirt but to this day I have seen no such shirt yet..

    When you go to some koi shops also in Japan you dont see t-shirts for souvenir type items..

    Ogata ones I have seen the most..

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    I only support the dealers shirts, but I did ask Daisuke if he had Momotaro shirts, but he said they ran out. I think they would rather have their fish then they're product/activeware.
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