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Thread: Beni

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    This thing with the beni on a few of my koi has my wife asking questions. Here's a few of the questions she asked me. Can I get some help answering them?

    1. Will full sun mess up the beni?

    2. Will feeding heavy do anything to the beni?

    3. Will warm water mess up the beni?

    Talking about warm water I thought with this new pond being almost 7' deep the pond would stay cooler. We are only in July and the temp in the pond is 84 degrees. I can't wait to see how high it will get in the next few months when it gets warmer.

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    1. Will full sun mess up the beni?

    Yes, koi can have skin problems, will it ruin the beni...no...but it will hurt the shiroji

    2. Will feeding heavy do anything to the beni?

    No, heavy feeding will bring down the beni, and depending on the food could ruin the shiroji if to much color enhancer.

    3. Will warm water mess up the beni?

    No, it will bring it down a bit.
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    just a side note, with your temps expected to run higher in the next few months, might you consider a bakki shower type filtration. Usually they help cool the temps by 4-5 degrees? They also help to keep the o2 levels maxed as well as can be with that high a temp.

    congrats on having a soul mate that takes an interest in your hobby!

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