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Thread: sorting tosai at Maurice's

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    sorting tosai at Maurice's

    Standard fare for the first culling except that the cut was severe; which is a credit to Maurice.
    Typically here in the states we keep all thing possible. At his place we kept about 12-16%. Everything without some decent variation in pattern and any thing that looked deformed were sembetsued(sp). No lower pond grade was sent back into the Greenhouse.

    And Maurice was going to further cut into them before he took then from the holding tank to a mud pond.
    The deal is that he has bred several pair of koi and accepts the fact that he has to cut very deep in order to keep his growth rate high...if he is making good decisions he'll have more tons of high-end koi than any other breeder in the UK has ever had.... or at least I have ever heard about.

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    seattle, wa
    thanks Luke!

    My buddy in the Uk sent me pics of you at work, and you know, it looked like you were getting the hang of it!


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    Nisai Newt's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
    NewtCity, USA
    What an incredible opportunity for you, Luke. I wish I could have been there. Did you get any photos?

    Thanks for inviting Maurice to join The Mud Pond to read about 'Lake Luke' and it's development.


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    Luke very cool!!!! Maurice has quite the setup for sure..

    Pics would be cool if ya got emm..

    It's a living creature (chit happens)

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    PLENTY of pics and more discussion done at Koichat.com about the Maurice daytrip.
    I'm actually going to BUY koi from him because I think he might have the right idea and the Queen Only knows what his koi will cost in 10 years?
    Think about it, he might be the first breeder in Britian to give the japanese an actual run for their money, after talking and seeing what he has as resources I think he will...King Waddy will knight him....well maybe not....maybe the queen?

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    How about a link to that thread Luke.

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Orlando, Florida
    Some nice pics, Luke, but not nearly enough! ... got some more hiding around?

    Were you there for the BKKS National, too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeM
    Some nice pics, Luke, but not nearly enough! ... got some more hiding around?

    Were you there for the BKKS National, too?
    yeah i was there. They treated me pretty decent too...I guess they hadn't heard I wasn't nice enough to even allow in a Koi club here in the States,even if I did alot more work than most of its members to help the club become better...guess it doesn't matter how much you help or where your heart is...just whether you pay your dues, keep your piehole shut, and don't bother to do a damn thing...or kiss a little butt and not voice an ethical concern, or have an honest question.

    I was more impressed by Peter Waddington than I thought i could have been. He's better in person than in book form, and genuine. In book form I find him a bit over the top. He was not at all pretentious..unlike so many I have met in this hobby that have a high opinion of themselves.
    I was sorely wrong.

    Oh and the thing is my understanding of who runs the show and why hasn't changed...The Brits reinforced my beliefs that show rules should be adjusted to promote a clearly defined goal(s). Not like now where the stated goal is not supported by the rules committee.
    I was told I needed to go to a real koi show to understand. i did see a bunch of high end koi on parade.

    < I am quite surprised I've kept that in for as long as I did...i guess it was out of respect for HenryC and mikeM. Afterall it is their club, and I would have stood up for them and many others. Such is politics and the koiworld.>

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    You know I barely know how to type and post on these PC things...just go to Koichat.com and look for a title with Maurice in the title.

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