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    Show ?

    When returning your koi home from a show, do they have a tendancy to jump as if you are intoducing a new fish, or is home, home for them?
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    There are two choices for returning from a show -- return the fish to the main pond, hoping you got nothing from the show OR return the fish to the Q pond also hoping but ready to treat.

    Some even return to main pond and then preventatively just treat the main pond.

    Jumping out of the pond is not something I've seen for any of my fish. But my Q is covered and the main pond has a 6 inch gap for them to clear just to get to the deck.

    I've only shown at the CKC shows and I've returned the fish to the pond they came from after each. In one case I bought fish at the show and they overwintered (and spring) in the Q pond while the rest went back to main pond. And the new fish had their own show tank. Good thing too -- the new fish had bugs but the old fish were bug free.

    This year I'll probably return the fish to the main pond again.

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