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Thread: developing an emergency plan

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    Daihonmei dick benbow's Avatar
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    developing an emergency plan

    in lieu of all the storms and catastrophies, do you have a plan what to do with your valued wet pets? how about even meeting up with your family?

    I sit in a valley that if mt rainier ever blows will fill this valley with mud and water. there will be an hr to get out. My wife and i both drive to work and chances are good it will happen when we're apart. So we've worked out a place to meet and a way to get the cat/bonsai's and asagi's out of there.

    was curious if anyone else had given preparedness any thought?

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    Interesting you mention this..

    The Wife works at the Hospital where she would be stuck anyhow helping others in case That is our redevous point regardless at work or not.. Wet pets are wet pets and is secondary to our 4 legged kids.. The 2 dogs small enough to carry come with us.. Kitty fends for herself anyhow..

    We have a Volkswagon Eurovan Camper Equipped with Propane heater and fridge and stove and stocked with food water and personal needs to always get on the road in less than 5 minutes (we are sporatic travelers)

    We also have enough backpacking gear and to be on foot if need be including water filter to get down to .01 microns. Those are always ready to be packed as another part of our adventure vacations.

    If traffic is tight to get the heck outta dodge we ride the motorcycle which we have carried the dogs on no problem..

    Oh yeah Forgot the Winchester if any wierd crap happens.. We have no kids but its always locked at all times. Trigger and case...

    We also have different rendevous in case of flood or earthquake fire etc...

    back in the late 90's the Y2K thing 9/11,Tsunami,1989 Loma Prieta/Niigata Quakes and now Hurricane thing makes us a little at ease that we have a plan we stick too...

    Of course all of the above is more detailed but you get the idea...

    It's a living creature (chit happens)

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    Jumbo mulberryjen's Avatar
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    After watching aftermath of Katrina I have thought about this as well: my area threat of tornado or flood mostly. Current pond emergency plan is me running around like crazy trying to jerry-rig stuff at the last minute and yelling at my spouse. Uh, this is not a plan.

    Have a very lame "command center" in basement for storms. Radio with batteries, flashlights, lighters, candles, gun, essential paperwork & some family photos, hiking boots, jackets, water, dog crate & leash, & 2 lawn chairs. Yep, that's sad. needs a little work... also need a meeting place for if we aren't at home.

    Need to tighten things up around home and really need to have some items stockpiled at school as well. The drills that we do at school are really just the tip of the iceberg in disaster preparedness. Tomorrow I should pick up a good flashlight for surefor starters.

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    Lee B has written an excellent article.


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