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Thread: new pond construction, how's this plan?

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    Oyagoi Flounder's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    Houston, TX

    new pond construction, how's this plan?

    I'm planning on having a 10,000 G gunite pond built and would like your opinions on this pond design. The size will be 10'x20'x9' deep. There will be 2 aerated bottom drains each gravity feeding a Nexus which will return the water through upper and lowers TPRs. Each Nexus will cover each corresponding side of the pond.

    The 2 skimmers and mid water intakes will go to a pump and possibly a bead filter. A pond viewing window and under water lights will also be installed.

    Please critique this design if you find anything wrong with it. I want to make sure that I get the shell and plumbing right b/f this starts.

    Thank You

    please click the thumbnail attachment for larger pic
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    Using the measurements you gave, i put your pond alone at somewhere between 12,000 and 13,500. That doesn't include filters. IMHO, I don't think 2 Nexus are enough by themselves to support this size pond. Are you gravity feeding the drains into any kind of vortex pre-filter prior or just directly into the Nexus'? Have you thought about using Bakki Showers with Bacteria House Media - may cost a little more than those Nexus, but would sure perform better!!

    What pumps are you planning on using? Brand, HP and flow. Any UV?

    Also, in your diagram you have both skimmers on the same wall flanking the waterfall. I see your wind direction locator. Does that have something to do with these locations, as otherwise they aren't really positioned properly. Your mid level pickups are a good idea, but again they should not be so close to your waterfall. Really should be located on the opposite wall.

    Yes, your skimmer water should be pumped through filtration of some kind. An Aqua Ultima II model 10,000 would handle your skimmers and mid-level pick-ups quite nicely.

    IMHO, if I were designing this pond, the waterfall would be at one end(to the right of the diagram if possible), and the skimmers at the other end. I would then place the mid-level pick-ups on opposing walls along the length, about 3 feet below surface.

    Make sure your contractor understands the liability of that "viewing window". If it springs a leak, you really got major problems. By the way, is it going to be located in your filter vault? Otherwise, how are you going to structurally support that side of the pond (I'm assuming this is a standard 6" gunite shoot!?) especially considering the depth of 8-9ft.

    Hope something here helps. I build ponds, so if you want to PM me I would be glad to help anywhere I can.



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    The pond looks great.. Curious why the corners are so rounded. I thin they not need to be so rounded and you will also gain a wee bit more volumne. Thats about all I can pic apart for right now..

    It's a living creature (chit happens)

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    Daihonmei PapaBear's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    Davenport, Oklahoma

    Mike is right

    I like your overall concept and the idea of creating countercurrents, but the returns being located where they are will probably create a "dead zone" at the viewing window. You might be able to move the skimmer returns to flank the viewing window and the mids toward each end to promote the water flow you seek.
    As to filtration, what you propose sounds pretty small for such a pond. Off the shelf units are notoriously overrated as to capacity, which helps to explain why so many first-time ponders wind up adding more filtration within 6 months. I would lean toward vortex/settlement type feeding either BS or TT, but that is just a matter of my preference.
    Larry Iles

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    SJ, CA
    not too much to say, except that you may want to move the waterfall to a corner, and place the skimmer at the corner diagonally across. you need only 1 skimmer unless you expect major dropping into your pond of some sort.

    I will also add a jet outlet, maybe of the left wall of the drawing, and have it point straght down toward the other end. You can entertain your koi to some jet current.

    biven the vol of your pond, I will prefer larger pond surface, or large waterfall.


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    Its more appropriate to size filtration to the load. So it would be difficult without knowing the stocking rate, number and sizes of fish or amount of feed you would want to be able to handle.

    Apparently some people have been having problems with membrane diffusers at this depth and pop-eye on Koi. It was brought up on NI a while back.

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    The only thing I would do is move the skimmers. You will have a dead spot at that window. My pond is shaped like a 8 and I have a problem with two dead spots in the middle of the pond. If I have my TPR's all go the same way I don't have it. But when they are like how yours are planned, I have it big time.

    Good luck with the pond. Since you're in TX you might want to look up Dan & Gene to see the pond they have. It's a lot like the one your talking about building.

    Keep it simple, keep it straight Koi-Bito.com

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    Oyagoi kingkong's Avatar
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    Mar 2005


    The shape is great but boring. I would go with a kidney or irregular outline with waterfall favoring the larger end of the kidney. Good luck!
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    Redding, California, USA
    I would put the skimmers on the opposite wall from what you show. The prevailing wind blows that direction and will push surface debris against those walls. Even with a current from TPRs I would still place my skimmers on the walls where the wind will push things. Definitely provide some sort of filtration for the skimmer water. You might also post your questions elsewhere to get opinions from those who do not regularly visit here at KB.


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    The shape is great but boring


    Keep it simple, keep it straight Koi-Bito.com

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