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Thread: Russell Water Gardens and Kodama Koi Farm Pair Up /Merged Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitten View Post
    Noone has yet touched on the fiasco brewing when Kodama fish go to RWG store and then in bags to hybrid ponds. Some advice? Fish biologists are cheap. Koi immersed fish biologists cost only slightly more. Get a good one. Sell healthy fish.

    Mickey the windowman
    Maybe John should just sell the hybrid ghost koi to go into the hybrid ponds. Sounds like a good fit. Ghost koi are the number one yard fish in UK.
    Care Tips .... There are very few care tips and nothing specific to the ghost koi.
    • Keep them in as large a pond as possible and treat them as a pond fish rather than a koi. They do not require a premium koi diet with colour enhancers but a well balanced pond fish diet will be sufficient for this undemanding fish. They can be fed earlier in the Spring and later in the Autumn than koi without risking associated health problems experienced in purer inbred ornamental varieties.
    • As ghosts will readily consume quantities of food, the pond must have effective means of removing solids to maintain clarity coupled with effective biofiltration to breakdown toxic metabolic by-products. I.e. normal pondfish practise.

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    Hello Everyone,

    Richard Rombold,
    Russell Watergardens does not have a publication. You must be refereing to Aquascape's "Lifestyle" magazine. Russell Watergardens is in no way associated or affilitated with Aquascape, its Lifestyle magazine, or any of its products, methods, or philosophies.

    Thanks for continually providing me a stump on which to stand.

    You brought up the concept of getting a chest-enhancment surgery by a proctologist. Funny line, and I agree with you...why would you? The point I need you, and everyone reading this, to understand is that I'm neither the plastic surgeon or the proctologist in your example above. I would be the owner of the clinic in which both physicians perform their expertise - not one of the physicians.

    I am not here as a pond builder - koi pond, Hybrid pond, or any other type. I'm here as a product manufacturer and retail store model that provides the tools to the professional to perform their individual specialties. Our store is the "clinic" and our filtration systems are the doctor's tools. Our stores show examples of each practicioners specialties.

    I don't want you to come to me and ask me to build you a pond. I want you to come to me and ask who can best build it for you, and what are the best tools used in the creation of the pond.

    Our store would refer you to someone like Mike (Koiczar), Russell Peters, Steve Childers, and others that are the best in thier chosen field. Our store would refer a pondless waterfall, Hybrid pond, or commercial fountain job to the best in those fields as well. Each of our stores could have a trained crew to perform any one of these - but being an expert in all formats isn't likely - thus our referal program.

    Russell Watergardens stores goal is to supply the highest quality tools to the various experts, and provide models for the customer to see prior to to hiring said expert.

    You'll be able to walk into any of our stores across the US and Canada and see a koi pond, a water garden, a Hybrid pond, pondless waterfall, Hydro Column dispay - and a variety of other water features. This will eliminate any confusion that a potential pond owner would have. We all know that sometimes a customer wants a koi pond - but a contractor builds them a water garden. Or vise-versa. This happens because the lines have been blurred over the years. Our store concept takes away the blurriness. You'll know what you're getting before the contractor puts a shovel to the ground.

    You want a koi pond? Here is an example - including materials list, fish loading guidlines, and maintenance requirements. Here is a list of qualified contractors that can build it for you, or here are installation instructions if you want to build it yourself.

    You want a Hybrid pond? Here is an example - including materials lists, fish loading guidlines, and maintenance requirements. Here is a list of qualified contractors that can build it for you, or here are installation instructions if you want to build it yourself.

    You want a ........ water feature? Here is an example - including.............

    Russell Watergardens stores provide the highest quality tools of the trade, provide working models for customers to see and to choose from, provide detailed information and maintenance instructions, and provide koi from the Kodama Koi Farm. The koi have been properly quarantined, breaders kept seperate, and continouly tested for KHV. All to Mr. Mamoru's strict koi handling/quarantining guidlines.

    Here at our Flagship Store - we do have an installatin crew. Our crew is used primarily as our Research and Development division. We install our products to see where we can improve on how the components get installed. We service our installations to learn how they perform and what can we do to improve them.

    Our stores around the country may, or may not have, installation divisions. If they have installation divisions - this also adds to our overall corporate Research and Development - and provides serices in local markets. Each store also has an extensive referal list of specialists.

    There is no mis-representation by either Mr. Kodama or myself. Kodama Koi Farm is a koi dealer, Russell Watergardens is a filtration manufacturer and retail store that sells proprietary and non-proprietary filtration systems and components, and Kodama Koi Farm koi. Nothing has been mis-represented. You all can read our web site, read the IPPCA site, and read the quotes Don inserted above. We are consistant. We have never mis-represented anything. Koi and filtration systems together in a unique store environment. Mr. Kodama has agreed to test each and every product we manufacture to verify their performance, rating information, and usage in their specific applications. Our partnership was publicaly announced in October, fine details of the partnership are being worked out as we speek, and the first "store" will be avaible in mid to late 2007. "Authorized Russell Watergardens Dealers" are opening all across the US and Canada untill we are licensed/registered to open franchises. (A long and expensive process)

    Mike the Koiczar,
    We have our proprietary Hydro Bead Vortex bead filters that use our proprietary HydroFoam beads. For information about these filters and this media please visit our web site. (I'm leaving our web site address out per forum rules - Google Russell Watergardens to find us.)

    Its pouring down rain here in Seatlle (who would guess that?). The Seahawks are playing the 49'ers tonight on the NFL Network's Thursday Night game. It should be fun to watch the game with all the wind and rain that's going on!

    Take care everyone - I'm heading home to watch the game.
    John Russell
    CEO Russell Watergardens

    Go Seahawks!

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    We've beat this horse way beyond death. Time to close it and move on......For those of you that wish to discuss any of this stuff with John Russell I would imagine he is available via email.

    ZNA Potomac Koi Club

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