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Thread: Southern Koi Expo

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    Thumbs up Southern Koi Expo

    The wheels are in motion and the excitement is building. The south's gonna' do it again! Several koi clubs from around the south are joining forces to present an exciting new stop on the koi show circuit. On May 4, 2007 we will kick off the Southern Koi Expo in Winston Salem, NC. We want it to become a marquee event in the koi hobby industry. We intend to keep the traditions alive and enhance the presentation with variety and excitement. Please visit our wesite @


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    May huh? Hmmmm!! Interesting!! Maybe.....I'll be watching!!

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    After reading through the website as well as postings at the Shack this does seem to be another show that will come out of the box well planned and attended, an internet baby. I am reminded how spoiled I am, we are, to be enjoying this hobby with a computer full of access to experience and knowledge. Good luck on this inaugural show.

    North Carolina- a nice place, home to Brady, Blue Ridge and others, near enough to New Jersey, Florida, Texas and Arkansas. Couple Tennessees thrown in. A Virginia, a Pennsylvania, more Floridas. Only folks kinda far away? Californians. American Breeders is what I've listed in part. This show will be a display and introduction for the new American Koi Breeders Association. I need to know more.

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    Hubby and I are looking forward to this show. Looks like we'll be attending as well!! They are hosting a wet lab to boot!! I'll have to make sure to make that for sure!!!

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    it will be a hoot!!!
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    Adding more space for show tanks....

    Good news!!!! We all went over to the convention center today and the guys broke out the tape measures and came up with a brilliant new floor plan idea. It looks like we will end up with more show tanks and more space for the AKBA show too. So if you are interested in showing, please contact Susan Reed though the SKE website. We want to make sure everyone has room to exhibit their koi.


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    Southern Koi Expo is now a "Sold Out" Show! All show tanks and vendor spots have been taken!!! There's still Banquet seats available & Goldfish tank space! Check out the show's website for more informtation www.southern-koi-expo.com

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    That's wonderful news!! Can't wait to get there!! Will be a great show from what I'm hearing!!
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    AKCA 4th Annual Open Show
    July 31st, Aug 1st & 2nd, Minneapolis, MN

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    We have added a new vendor!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadySusan View Post
    We have added a new vendor!!!!

    Its a biggie!!!!!!!!!

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