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Thread: Nitrate

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Orlando, Florida
    Links to articles on the effects of nitrate on aquatic life were recently posted on another board. Seems appropriate to re-post the links here.


    Another for carp: https://www.bzu.edu.pk/jrscience/vol15no4/9.pdf


    The first study concerns invertebrates, but I found it particularly interesting because of the indication that nitrate interferes with oxygen carrying pigments. If this is true in carp, it would lend some support to the “old wives tales” about high nitrate levels contributing to loss of Beni. Nothing in the study is sufficient to support any such conclusion, but it lends some credence to the anecdotal observations. There have been studies concerning nutrient assimilation that suggest delivery of oxygen to the red pigment of carp may increase red pigment cells. Again, not enough done in anything I have read to reach a conclusion, but there is an implication that Beni thickness and loss might be affected to some extent. ...The stories of the old breeders of yesteryear usually have some truth in them, even if their ideas about cause and effect don't always hold up.

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    Excellent post Mike. Bottom line...nitrates are toxic too.
    Koi keeping is not a belief system; it is applied science with a touch of artistry.

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