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Thread: Black fry

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    Black fry

    I have about 1 in 20 black fry from a Kin Kikokuryu and tancho sanke but all of the black fry seem to swim funny(struggle with swimming) whereas the yellowish ones seem to be much better swimmers. Is there a good reason for this?

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    First, are you sure? Or, is it that the black ones are easier to observe against a light background than the others? I expect you are sure, but had to ask.

    Black fry from this cross could turn out to be Showa (or Karasugoi group). Showa are known for a high level of deformities in older breeding lines. I have been told that the percentage of deformities decreases in the most recent lines, which have greater doses of Sanke genetics, but that the level of deformities remains higher than with other varieties.

    I expect you are seeing the effects of a deformity shared by the black fry in this particular cross. DickB and others would have better hands-on experience.

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    Mike your input was very good. Not much more could I add......just to prove a point, the last two seminars at dealer's that I have given, I was able to easily find a showa with a crooked head to show the class. Once you see it, it is so much easier to identitfy it the next time. Both examples were found from recognized breeders.
    Dick Benbow

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    They definitely are having trouble swimming but it could be that the ones that are having trouble swimming are easier to see. I hope to get some that turn out ok. I will keep them around for a while to learn from and see what happens.

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