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Thread: PH and koi keeping

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    Daihonmei PapaBear's Avatar
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    My preference would be whole shells in the upper trays and possible bagged grit on the bottom, so long as they are easily accessible for cleaning.

    Even a bakki can get plugged if he media is too fine, and having the media size begin large and work its way down to smaller sizes reduces the potential for that issue. I wish I could get my hands on a crate or two of whole shells. Having a tray full of them along with the lithaqua would be nice and mixing them in with some feather rock would be even nicer...
    Larry Iles

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    Thank you for the suggestion, PapaBear. That is exactly what I was thinking, having whole shells on the first tray, followed by 3 trays of BH media, and the last tray containing grits before the water returns back to the pond. Gotta go start drilling!

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