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Thread: Gonjiro - Producing Interesting Koi in Limited Space

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    Quote Originally Posted by markgardner View Post
    I met Takahashi san properly for the first time the weekend before last when we in the Philippines together. I'd hoped to visit his premises upon our return. Unfortunately with snow closing in on Narita that morning we made a quick exit for Niigata.

    Hope to get to visit sometime, real great fun guy!

    mark , i'l keep checking your site , more than i do already

    ive got a truly stunning sanke from this breeder , the quality is in a league of its own


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    I just got my first sanke and it's from Gonjiro so the timing of joining Koi-Bito and reading this article makes it even more special. Looking forward to reading more articles here! Keep up the good work and more power!

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    awesome sanke article!!

    Very nice to read this fascinating article about new
    type of interesting sanke...thanks a million for publishing this article for all
    us to view.

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    thank you for sharing this

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