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Thread: Chlorine and Nitrate

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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Chlorine and Nitrate

    I cannot locate an article I thought I had saved on the chemical interaction of chlorinated water (not chloramine treated water) with various dissolved solids. I believe it had a brief discussion of nitrate interaction with chlorine. If one of our chemists can elucidate the subject and the by-products, I'd appreciate it. If you have the article (or any article) on the interactions with various dissolved solids, please post a reference or a link. Thanks!

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    Daihonmei PapaBear's Avatar
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    Are you talking about the production of Trihalomethane and Haloacetic Acid from Chlorine reaction with organics? I remember a thread from a year or two ago that may have linked to an article, but I'm not 100% sure.
    Larry Iles

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    I'm not a chemist, Mike, but here are a few links which might help, or at least will get you started:

    http://www.tlch2o.com/courses/SAMPLING.PDF (especially, pp 73-75, 86-7, 97, and 109).

    http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/theses/available/etd-042299-143911/unrestricted/thesis4.pdf (especially pp 5-18)


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    Daihonmei MikeM's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Orlando, Florida
    Thanks! The Brooks thesis is not what I had saved, but it gets right into the topic. I'm thinking the article I want was more recent. But this serves my current purpose. ...Such entertaining reading lists we share on this board.

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