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Thread: Looking forward to Flat Rock Ikeage

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    Looking forward to Flat Rock Ikeage

    On November 15th, koi folks for all over the south...and beyond...have been invited to come on down to a Georgia Ikeage. That good old Georgia red clay seems to work wonders on growth and skin quality. We could see at our September show what it did for some large gosankes that has been in for a year. Very nice indeed.

    I have my eyes set on a certain showa and a sanke. I will post pictures of the fish after the event. Never before purchased fish directly at a harvest. If I get them, perhaps I will leave them in the mud for the winter. It should be a very interesting and fun experience!!!

    For those interested in joining in the fun, grab your wadders and cameras and head east of Atlanta:

    See y'all in the mud next weekend.
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    Sounds like fun Mike! Try not to go broke and have a good time.


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